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First aid training

Teaches the first responder evacuation techniques & methods, principles of emergency care as well as competent emergency management skills. Course content is regulated by the department of labour.

first aid - level 1

Principles of First-Aid, Artificial Respiration, One Rescuer CPR, Choking, Wounds & Bleeding, Shock, Unconsciousness & Fainting ,Head & Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Burns.

first aid - level 2

Principles of First-Aid, Artificial Respiration, One Rescuer CPR, Choking, Wounds & Bleeding ,Shock, Unconsiousness & Fainting, Head & Spinal Injuries, Fractures, Burns, Joint Injuries & Rescue Carries, Chest, Hand & Eye Injuries, Pelvic & Abdominal Injuries, Child & Infant Resuscitation, Environmental Illnesses & Injuries, Poisoning Bites & Stings, Chest Pain & Paralysis, Fits, Management of Foreign Objects, Soft Tissue Injuries, Anatomy & Physiology.

Basic fire figher

Introduction to Fire Fighting, How Fires Start, Triangle of Combustion, The Concept of Fire Fighting, Methods of How Fires Spread, Fire Extinguishers & Fire, Extinguishing Media, Fire Prevention & Fire Safety, Procedures in the Event of a Fire, Practical Fire Fighting.

fire marshal

Introduction to Fire Fighting, Practical Fire Hose, Blindfold Obstacle.

Remote site projects

Through a centralized point of contact, we offer complete, effective and efficient remote site emergency services and solutions. Aggressively structured programs, strategic business partners and experienced management enable a network of capabilities to provide a full turnkey service within the medical field of expertise. TITAN is dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and sustainable business functions. Our visionary approach provides the perfect environment to generate cost effective strategic business plans and solutions.

Mobile Clinics, Environment Awareness, Evacuation, Emergency Response, Training, Remote Site Management, Equipment & Logistics.